Fab Four for Fernandes

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The irrepressible Vanessa Fernandes has done it again. The Portuguese star won her fourth consecutive European Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark today, adding another title to an already impressive 2007 campaign. The win never really seemed in doubt as the world number one virtually led the race from start to finish. She was first after the swim but had 15 women all just 11 seconds behind her, including her compatriot Anais Moniz, last year’s junior women’s champion.

On the 40-kilometer bike course, Fernandes didn’t push too hard and chose to stay among the leaders. She headed out onto the run with 25 other women nipping at her heels, all within 18 seconds of each other. The group included several worthy challengers such as Nicola Spirig, Ricarda Lisk and a host of Austrians including reigning Olympic champion Kate Allen, Eva Dollinger and Tania Haiboeck.

But if there was any doubt Fernandes would falter in her bid for a fourth championship, it was quickly dismissed in the 10-kilometer run course. In typical Fernandes fashion, she pushed the pace on the run and distanced herself from the rest of the field. After the first lap, she was up 27 seconds on the chase pack that was narrowed down to Spirig, Brit Michelle Dillon, Allen and Lisk. Mid-way through the final leg Fernandes’ lead extended to 48 seconds and it was clearly evident who was going to stand atop the European podium once again.

Fernandes continued to assert herself as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, European triathlete in history, winning the title with a time of 2:02:36. She becomes the first women to win four straight European crowns, and the first to do it since Dutchman Rob Barel won the first four men’s races from 1985 to 1988.

Date: 30.06.2007 | Source: ITU

 Fernandes is crowned world champ

Portuguese superstar Vanessa Fernandes is the new triathlon world champion, winning today with a time of 1 hour 53 minutes and 27 seconds. Three-time world champion Emma Snowsill came from behind to win silver while American Laura Bennett took the bronze, her fourth career medal at the world championships.

After cycling in the lead pack that extended its lead virtually with every lap, the world number one Fernandes headed out onto the run in 11th place. But it wasn’t long before she reeled in the ten women in front of her one by one. Early in the first lap, Fernandes caught up with the leader Bennett and passed her, surging ahead to take the lead for good and win her first career triathlon world championship and the first elite world title for Portugal. In three previous trips to the world championships, Snowsill had won gold and though Fernandes thwarted her bid for a record-tying fourth world title, Snowsill called this a “personal victory” as she faced a deficit of more than a minute.

The German contingent fared well in the first world championships in their country, placing three in the top ten. Both Ricarda Lisk and Anja Dittmer won places on the 2008 German Olympic team, with their top ten finishes.

Date: 01.09.2007 | Source: ITU

2007 Beijing BG Triathlon World Cup – Final Women’s Results

1st – Vanessa Fernandes (POR) 2:00:36 2nd – Emma Snowsill (AUS) 2:01:51 3rd – Laura Bennett (USA) 2:02:06 4th – Debbie Tanner (NZL) 2:02:10 5th – Anja Dittmer (GER) 2:02:43 6th – Samantha Warriner (NZL) 2:02:44 7th – Nicole Spirig (SUI) 2:02:45 8th – Emma Moffatt (AUS) 2:02:54 9th – Elizabeth May (LUX) 2:03:09 10th – Felicity Abram (AUS) 2:03:16

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 Fernandes wins Olympic test event

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Less than one year to go until the Beijing Olympics and the new world champion Vanessa Fernandes has made a serious name for herself with a convincing win at today’s Beijing BG Triathlon World Cup with a time of 2 hours and 36 seconds. Aussie Emma Snowsill ran herself into second place, more than a full minute behind while Laura Bennett came third, an exact replica of the podium at the Hamburg BG Triathlon World Championships two weeks ago. As the top American today, Bennett earns an automatic spot on the U.S. Olympic team.

The world number one turned 22 years old yesterday and celebrated it with her third consecutive Beijing world cup title. In a dominating season in which she has won every major title including world championships and European championships, Fernandes has to be considered the gold standard in women’s triathlon as the world’s best continue to push towards next year’s Olympics in Beijing.

Nervous energy was evident from the start of the non-wetsuit swim as half the women dove into the water before the starters horn. The athletes swam hard for about a hundred meters before officials stopped them and directed them back to the pontoon. When they finally did get off to a clean start, it was the American women who surged to the lead. Sara McLarty, Sarah Haskins and Laura Bennett led the women out of the water and into the first transition. Three-time world champion Emma Snowsill and Fernandes were not far behind as the leaders headed out onto the 40-kilometer bike course.

Early in the bike, Snowsill and Fernandes pushed to the front of the lead pack, clearly not afraid to put in the work to break away. The front group that also included German Joelle Franzmann and Pan American Games gold medalist Julie Ertel (formerly Swail) established a 43-second lead after the first lap. But the lead dissolved by the start of the fourth lap as the two packs merged, resulting in 30 women riding within five seconds of each other. With no riders attempting to break away in the final two laps of the bike, this race was going to come down to the 10-kilometer run.

As the came off their bikes, Ricarda Lisk of Germany and Bennett were first out of transition but within seconds, they watched Fernandes explode past them to steal the lead. Bennett tried to stay with her early but after the first lap, the world number one broke away and manufactured a 15-second lead. By the second lap, Fernandes opened up a 42-second gap and it was unlikely any woman, even Snowsill, was going to catch her.

Fernandes crossed the line more than a full minute ahead of Snowsill to win her 18th world cup win and the officially test even for the Olympics. In a riveting race that had many Olympic spots on the line, Debbie Tanner and Samantha Warriner qualified for the New Zealand team as the top two Kiwis today.


 Fernandes triumphs in Rhodes

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The unstoppable Vanessa Fernandes of Portugal added another world cup win to her belt today, her seventh of the season, at the 2007 Rhodes BG Triathlon World Cup in historic Greece. With her win Fernandes has equalled the standing ITU record for most world cup wins by a single athlete at 19, held by triathlon legend, Aussie Emma Carney. Fernandes’ time of two hours 2 minutes and 6 seconds was almost a minute faster then second place Andrea Whitcombe of Great Britain. In third, a further 17 seconds back, was Vendula Frintova of Czech Republic.

“Look I never talk about [records]…never…never…,” explained Fernandes. “I don’t know why but it’s the one thing I never talk about. But, it’s good to win 19 world cups, I think it’s great for Portugal and for me being 22 yeas old to have this record, I think I have to be happy.”

“I’m very proud of my season,” continued Fernandes, on this being her last race of 2007. “Because my goal at the beginning of the season was the world champs and I won. But everything is a work for the Olympic games –for my life- for my sport.”

Fernandes was second out of the water in a time of 20:21 and first onto the hilly and technical 40-kilometre bike course. Early on the Portuguese star would break away with Pan-American Games gold medalist Julie Ertel of the United States building a 24-second lead on the chase groups. This lead would not hold, however, as bike-specialist Nicola Spirig of Switzerland managed to reel, first the second group, and then the leaders in by the fourth of eight laps. The Swiss athlete continued right through the large group, breaking away with Fernandes on the second last lap, building a 20 second lead into transition two.

From there it was left to a running race with a large group of 37 women coming off the bike behind the two leaders. In typical fashion, Fernandes would run away from the chasers immediately, never to look back, crossing the line with a 34:56 10-kilometre run split for her sixth world cup win of the season.

The race would be for the silver medal after Fernandes exploded from the front. After the first of three laps it was Whitcombe, Frintova, Spirig and Emma Moffatt of Australia running together, pacing each other. Quickly though it was only Whitcombe and Frintova left as Spirig and Moffat dropped off the pace mid way through the run. Whitcombe would make the deciding move a kilometre from the finish line to pull ahead of the Czech athlete claiming the first world cup silver medal of her career.

Spirig and Moffatt would both fade over the final few kilometres as temperatures began to rise, enabling Ertel and Christiane Pilz of Germany to cross the line in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Date: 07.10.2007 | Source: ITU


 Fernandes’ Fab Five in Lisbon

Portugal’s prodigious Vanessa Fernandes won a record-breaking fifth consecutive European Championship today, taking gold with a time of 2 hours, 5 minutes and 46 seconds. Italian veteran Nadia Cortassa took the silver, her fourth career medal at European championships. Swede Lisa Norden continued her breakthrough season, out-sprinting last year’s bronze medalist Nicola Spirig of Switzerland down the stretch for the bronze.

“It was a dream today. There were lots of people giving me strength,” said Fernandes at the finish line. “It is very important for me to show these people in Portugal what triathlon is. I can show Portugal what Portuguese athletes can do.”

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Fernandes Confident for Monday

Today at the Jundu Tourist Villa, the official hotel for the triathlon at the Olympics, Vanessa Fernandes spoke to the media about her preparation and mindset for the Beijing Olympic Games.

For months Fernandes has been widely regarded as the gold medal favourite. She is still among the major players for a spot on the podium but she respects the other 54 women in the field.

“Every girl is talented. I think any of the 55 women can be in the top three,” said Fernandes. “I’m not stronger than them, I’m just another girl to compete with them. I know I worked for that. This is another test in my life, another part so and another experience and I will learn a lot with another Olympic Games.”

Fernandes also spoke about how her approach to these Games is different than Athens.

“Everything is different for these Olympics, really different. In my first Olympics I was young. In the race I went with the girls and see what I can do. But in the last four years I won some things and I put my name a little high in triathlon. The mentality is different and my goals are different and I’m growing up,” said Fernandes.

Despite her recent lacklustre performances which included a DNF in Hamburg and a 10th place at the world championships, she appeared confident and ready to race.

“I’m just going to be Vanessa on race day, just to do my best and take the pressure off my mind and to believe in me and believe in the work I have done in these last few years and last few months and to think that everything is possible,”

After failing to finish in Pontevedra because of the cold and finishing 10th in Vancouver also for the same reason, it was clear Fernandes does not enjoy racing in the cold. But that will hardly be a problem here in Beijing as athletes will have to battle the heat and humidity.

“The last few years here I felt good but I know the humidity and the weather will be a little difficult for everyone so I don’t know but I think I will feel good with this weather,” said Fernandes.

Much has been said of Fernandes not winning as much as the last few years. She admitted her last few races have perhaps shaken her confidence.

“I think maybe in the last months maybe a little but I think in the last few stages I have learned a lot with my coaches, only not training physically but sychologically it was very good for that. I think I’m prepared for Monday.”

Fernandes will line up on the Beijing pontoon on Monday August 18th at 10am.

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 Silver in Beijing

Joint favourite and 20-time world cup winner Fernandes held on for second. She was happy with her silver medal. “For me this medal is like the gold medal,” Fernandes said. “It means a lot for me because a little Portuguese country begins in triathlon too. I think it is good for Portugal.”

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Portugal Sweeps U23 Euro Champs

Olympic silver medallist Vanessa Fernandes raced for the first time since the Beijing Olympic Games and showed no rust in a dominating performance. Fernandes took gold at today’s Under23 European Triathlon Championships in Pulpi, Spain. She crossed the line more than two minutes ahead of her closest competitor, fellow Olympian Yuliya Sapunova of the Ukraine who took the silver. France’s Jeanne Collonge grabbed the bronze.

Fernandes owned the race virtually start to finish. After exiting the water among the leaders in a 24-degree Celcius, non-wetsuit swim. Showing off her cycling prowess, Fernandes broke from the field on the first of six laps and cycled alone for the entire 40-kilometer bike course. A Duathlon world champion from 2007 and a known powerful cyclist, Fernandes built a two-minute lead on the chase group consisting of her compatriot Anais Moniz and Brit Abbie Thorrington. The lead was more than enough for one of the best runners in the sport. Fernandes had no problems maintaining and stretching her lead on the 10-kilometer run course. The real battle was for silver and bronze.

After cycling in the second chase group, Sapunova used her great running abilities to put herself in medal contention, running alongside Hungarian Zsofia Toth. As they neared the midway mark, Sapunova pulled ahead and secured the silver with the fastest run split of the day among the women, including Fernandes. But Collonge caught and passed Toth in the final few kilometers for the final spot on the podium.

As Fernandes’ career has ascended, she has come to dominate the European championships, racking up an astounding 8 European triathlon titles in all, including five elite championships, a pair of under23 crowns and one junior title.

Fernandes’ Portuguese teammate Joao Silva was later crowned the new under23 European triathlon champion. His compatriot Miguel Arraiolos finished in second place, meaning Portugal has reached a historical gold-silver success. Russian Olympian Dmitry Polyansky won the bronze medal.

After a quiet non-wetsuit swimming segment in Playa Mar Rabiosa at San Juan de los Terreros, which was led by the French junior world champion Aurelien Raphael, and few attacks on the bike where Raphael and the Italian Alberto Casadei tried to escape from the big group, the race was decided in the 10-kilometer run.

Casadei reached the second transition with 30 seconds over the big pack but his difference disappeared in the first of four laps. After the 2.5 kilometers, the Spaniard José Miguel Pérez decided to attack. Silva and Joao Pereira from Portugal and Polyansky tried to follow him. They ran together until the midway point when Arraiolos reached them and his teammate Silva, Arraiolos and Polyansky took the lead. Pérez could not follow them and join the fight for the medals.

In the last lap, Silva and Arraiolos broke away from Polyansky. Silva was pulled away from Arraiolos in the final stretch while Polyansky settled for the bronze medal. José Miguel Pérez was fourth and Massimo de Ponti of Italy was fifth.

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Fernandes defends Duathlon title

Olympic silver medallist Vanessa Fernandes of Portugal successfully defended her ITU Duathlon World Championship today in Italy. It was a commanding victory for Fernandes who finished ahead of 2-time Long Distance Duathlon World Champion Catriona Morrison of Great Britain and double Olympian Ana Burgos of Spain.

Fernandes opened the race with the fastest 10-kilometer run among the women, taking a 44-second lead heading out onto the 40-kilometer bike course. One of the most powerful cyclists in the sport, the defending champion extended her lead with the fastest bike split. Glasgow’s Catriona Morrison cut the deficit to put herself in medal contention but no one challenged Fernandes who coasted to victory and won by more than 90 seconds.

“Today I could do a good run and a good bike, it was a surprise for me but I think it was a good way to finish the season so I’m happy,” said Fernandes. Since taking silver at the Beijing Olympic Games, Fernandes won her 9th European title with the under23 championship and now her second Duathlon world title.

Morrison, who only startedher season last month due to knee surgery in April, has come back strong and adds the silver medal to her long distance world championship in August. Beijing Olympian Burgos out-ran Alexandra Louison of France and home favourite Laura Giordano of Italy in the final run leg to take the bronze.<…>

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Fifth Madrid Title For Fernandes

Vanessa of Fernandes of Portugal has just won the 2007 Madrid BG Triathlon World Cup in the Spanish capital.

Dubbed as her “second home” the 21-year-old Portuguese star has won on this course every year since the race’s introduction in 2003. Using her superior strength, Fernandes managed to erase a 43 second deficit after the opening 1,500-metre swim on the tough bike course to run to her fifth consecutive Madrid world cup victory in a time of 2 hours 7 minutes and 33 seconds. It was almost a minute back to second place Andrea Hewitt of New Zealand, who managed to nip Michelle Dillon of Great Britain at the line in an exciting sprint finish. With warm overnight temperatures, a non-wetsuit swim was called as the 54 women hit the water for the fifth round of the 2007 BG Triathlon World Cup series.

A small group of women would exit the water first including Hewitt, her team mate Nicky Samuels and Annabel Luxford of Australia. The young Fernandes would be over 40 seconds back with eventual bronze medalist Dillon a further 53 second down. The small front group would not be able to coordinate a break-away however and would be swallowed up by the chase pack, being pulled by Fernandes. This pack of 12 would also choose not to work together, allowing the second chase group, containing Dillon, to pull up and form one large group of 30 women.

With no break-aways on the bike, a 10-kilometre run race would ultimately decide the victor. Fernandes, who won the recent ITU Duathlon World Championships two weeks ago, immediately pulled to the front and would never look back, despite falling in the crowded transition area, crossing the line with bloodied knees and a Portuguese flag overhead.

It would be almost another minute before Hewitt and Dillon would come into view, with last year’s silver medalist Hewitt managing to beat out the veteran Dillon in her first ever sprint finish. Finishing in fourth and fifth were Annabel Luxford of Australia and young Elizabeth May of Luxembourg, respectively.

Date: 04.06.2007 | Source: ITU


Fernandes, Amey Duathlon Champs

Vanessa Fernandes of Portugal and Paul Amey of Great Britain are the new ITU Duathlon World Champions. Better known for their triathlon results, Fernandes and Amey both decided to take their turn at the run-bike-run championship today in Györ, Hungary. Both athletes would lead from start to finish over the technical 10-kilometre run, 40-kilometre bike and 5-kilometre run course through downtown Györ to be crowned world champions.

Fernandes’ finish time of 1 hour 54 minutes and 6 seconds was 37 seconds ahead of the second place and silver medalist Michelle Dillon of Great Britain. Local woman, Erika Csomor of Hungary would elate the gathered crowds by finishing third a further 10 seconds back.

From the starting horn, Fernandes moved quickly to the front of the group to open up a 33 second gap after the initial 10-kilometre leg. This gave the young world cup triathlon sensation time to sit up and wait for the chase group containing, Dillon, Csomor, Alexandra Louison of France, Ewa Dederko of Poland, Michelle Lee of Great Britain and Laura Giordano of Italy. The chase group, containing reigning duathlon world champion Catriona Morrison of Great Britain slipped behind to almost a two minute deficit heading into the final 5-kilometre run leg.

From here Fernandes immediately pulled away from the group in her typical fashion and did not look back, running her way to her second duathlon world championship win. Fernandes was the 2003 Junior duathlon world champion. Dillon, who has had a great start to her 2007 season, followed in second as the Hungarian Csomor was pushed by the local fanfare to edge out fourth place Louison. Giordano of Italy rounded out the top five.

In the men’s event, 2005 duathlon world champion Amy used his strong finishing kick to pull away in the final 200 metres from second place Jurgen Dereere of Belgium and third place Sergio Silva of Portugal. Dereere, who finished in second place last year as well, was unable to hold onto the Brit, crossing the line only five seconds back, with Silva a further four seconds behind.

A group of eight athletes entered first transition together and head out over the technical and fast 40-kilometre bike course. This group, containing all three medalists, worked together to open a 36-second lead on the chase pack of six heading into the final leg.

The lead group of seven stayed close together for the first of two laps, but as the top contenders began to maneuver, a number of athletes dropped off, leaving Amey, Dereere and Silva to break for the line over the final meters. Amey was the fleetest of foot today, crossing the line just ahead of the remaining competitors.

Date: 19.05.2007 | Source: ITU


Fernandes thrills crowds in Lisbon

Vanessa Fernandes of Portugal has just won the 2007 Lisbon BG Triathlon World Cup, in front of an estimated 40,000 ecstatic Portuguese fans. After exiting the water an unusual 36 seconds back from the leaders, the 2006 world cup series champion, with determination on her face, was able to pull herself up to the lead group and run to gold in a time of 2:04:45. In second place was Michelle Dillon of Great Britain, 1 minute and 21 seconds back. And rounding out the top three was Christiane Pilz of Germany a further 24 seconds behind.

With her win, the 21-year old Fernandes moves to the front of the 2007 BG Triathlon World Cup rankings with 149 points.

Seventy-two women dived into the Atlantic Ocean to start the 2007 Lisbon BG Triathlon World Cup. From the starting horn it was Jill Savege of Canada, Sarah Haskins of the United States, Julie Swallow of Great Britain, Annabel Luxford of Australia, who would later have to withdraw due to mechanical problems on the bike, and Pilz who jumped to an early lead with Fernandes, Dillon and a number of other top contenders over 30 seconds down.

Out onto the 8-lap, 40 kilometre cycle through the Oriente district of Lisbon, Fernandes was able to bridge the half a minute gap over the first five kilometres and bring a large group together at the front of the race. After building a small lead on the chase pack over the first few laps, the lead group would eventually be caught, bringing an enormous peloton of 49 riders together for the second half of the cycle leg.

Onto the 4-lap, 10 kilometre run course, Fernandes immediately pulled away and never looked back with the fastest run split of the day to claim her 15th world cup title. To the cheers of thousands of spectators in the enclosed stadium finish, Fernandes was embraced by her father, who has only ever seen his daughter race once before, as she crossed the line. Triathlon veteran Dillon, who managed to come back from an 84 second deficit after the swim, was able to run herself into 2nd place with another veteran in Pilz coming through in 3rd.

Sarah Haskins of the United States and Flora Duffy of Bermuda rounded out the top five with career-best performances for both these young athletes.

Date: 06.05.2007 | Source: ITU


Fernandes wins 15th WC in Japan

Vanessa Fernandes of Portugal has just won the 2007 Ishigaki BG Triathlon World Cup, in Ishigaki, Japan, with a time of 2 hour 4 minutes and 16 seconds. In blustery, wet conditions, Fernandes was able to break away in the late stages of the run from a small group containing 3-time world champion Emma Snowsill of Australia and last year’s course winner, Debbie Tanner of New Zealand to claim gold in the second round of the 2007 BG Triathlon World Cup series.

Snowsill, who remains on top of the world cup rankings, crossed the finish line in second place 18 seconds behind. Tanner followed in third a further 17 seconds back.

Seventy-two women hit the water for the opening 1,500 metre swim after a small delay due a brief downpour. Fernandes and small group of seven managed to pull away from the rest of the field early on. Snowsill and Tanner found themselves in an unusual position in the second group out of the water, almost one minute down.

Snowsill and Tanner spent most of the early stages of the bike course working hard with a small chase group of athletes to reel in the leaders on the 4th lap of the windy 40 kilometre bike course. All three podium finishers would come from this group as the trio of Fernandes, Snowsill and Tanner quickly came together and spent most of the 10 kilometre running shoulder to shoulder. The significant hill, which athletes negotiated twice on each of the three laps, was the point where Fernandes decide to make her move. The last time up the hill Fernandes powered away from the Aussie and Kiwi to take her 15th career world cup victory.

The sun finally emerged during the run course and, mixed with close to 100% humidity, began to fatigue the women on the later stages of the run. Snowsill was one of many visibly drained athletes to cross the finish line.

Date: 15.04.2007 | Source: Record


Fernandes equals world cup record !!

 Vanessa Fernandes of Portugal has just won the 2006 Beijing BG Triathlon World Cup in a time of 2:01:34 on a preview of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games course. Fernandes bested current world champion Emma Snowsill of Australia by 44 seconds, solidifying her place in history, tying the current record of 12 world cup victories in a row set by Australian Emma Carney in the early 1990’s. A further 47 seconds back was third place finisher Elizabeth May of Luxemburg. This is May’s first podium finish.

“I don’t think about the record,” said the modest Fernandes, who just celebrated her 21st birthday ten days ago. “I did not feel very good today but win over Emma [Snowsill] on the Olympic course. I am happy for myself, my family and Portugal.”

With the win Fernandes has guaranteed herself the 2006 overall world cup title and her share of $US250,000 bonus prize pool.

“I was not feeling good yesterday and I called my father and he tell me ‘You are good, you are a champion and you will feel better once you are racing’ and I listen to him,” commented Fernandes, who regularly receives advise from her father, who is a past Portuguese cycling champion.

Snowsill, who admitted she has not been training since the world championships in Lausanne looked to be hurting in the hot and hazy conditions.

“It is tougher then it looks,” stated the tiny Australian. “If this is the course they will use for the Olympics it will be a good test of a true triathlete.”

A full women’s field of 75 took to the water just on the outskirts of Beijing for a preview of the 2008 Games course and valuable Olympic Qualifying points.

At the end of the first of two swim laps the athletes were already strung out in the non-wetsuit swim. Australian Annabel Luxford, who is back after injury, led a strong group out of the Changping reservoir including Snowsill, Fernandes, Laura Bennett (USA), Sarah Haskins (USA), Samantha Warriner (NZL), Andrea Hewitt (NZL), Joelle Franzmann (GER) and Vanessa Raw (GBR).

This lead group was caught early in the 40 kilometre bike course by an efficient chase group to form one large pack of 22 athletes. These women worked well together, increasing their lead on the sizable chase group to an insurmountable 3 minutes heading into transition two. World championships one-two Snowsill and Fernandes rode beside each other the entire challenging, 6-lap bike leg.

The chase pack contained top-ranked Anja Dittmer from Germany and Debbie Tanner from New Zealand, who both suffered a poor swim and were unable to bring themselves back into contention.

In her typical style Fernandes shot out of transition two, moving to the front on the hilly 4-lap run course. By the end of the first lap she had put 20 seconds into second-place Snowsill and 40 seconds into the rest of the field. Each lap Fernandes’ lead grew by another 10 seconds, giving her plenty of time to wave and clap to the thousands of colourful spectators in the finish chute.

“That is what I always do. I never look back,” said Fernandes on her patented racing style. “I was waiting today for Snowsill to catch me. Today she did not and I win but next time maybe she will.”

Date: 24.09.2006 | Source: ITU


Fabulous Fernandes takes Hamburg!

Under sunny skies in downtown Hamburg, Germany, world number one ranked Vanessa Fernandes of Portugal was able to beat out a stellar international women’s field for her eleventh straight triathlon world cup win in a row. Fernandes’ time of 1:53:11 was 11 seconds faster then her closest rival Debbie Tanner of New Zealand and third place Laura Bennett of the United States, who was a further minute and 14 seconds back.

“We have a beautiful race today and a great crowd and I am so pleased to win today,” said Fernandes, who will celebrate her 21st birthday in four days. “It means that I am prepared for next year at the World Championships.”

After finishing second one week ago at the 2006 Triathlon World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland, Fernandes was on good form to win today’s preview of next year’s world championships, which will be held on the same course in late August. The world-class field of athletes brought a total of 310,000 cheering spectators onto the course over the two days of competition, officials estimated.

“The crowd is so great and it was good to be back today and have a good race,” commented Bennett, who hasn’t raced here since 2002. “They [the crowd] really do lift you and the German’s are great at lifting you.”

After the 1,500 metre wetsuit swim in Alster Lake a small group of women including Fernandes, Tanner, Bennett, Liz Blatchford of Great Britain, Emma Moffat of Australia and German favourite Joelle Franzmann exited the water just behind American swimming prodigy Sara McLarty.

These seven women quickly formed a lead group at the front of the bike and worked well together over the flat and fast bike course. By the end of the 8-lap, 40 kilometre bike leg this small pack was able to put a 90 second gap between themselves and the large chase pack of 26 athletes. With some of the sport’s best runners in this small lead group it was only a question of what three would stand on the podium.

Immediately onto the 4-lap 10 kilometre run it was Fernandes and Tanner who separated themselves from the rest of the field and ran neck in neck for the first 7 kilometres. Both women had something to prove after being favourites going into last weekend’s world championships where a disappointing run left Fernandes with the silver medal and a bike crash left Tanner in 23rd spot.

“On the run I didn’t start very well and had to chase Debbie Tanner because she was running very well, commented Fernandes. “Only in the third lap did I push and tried hard to find my rhythm again.” Fernandes made her move with 3 kilometres to go and although Tanner responded at first, she was unable to hold the pace of the fleet-footed Portuguese athlete.

“When she kicked she kicked pretty hard and she got a little gap which I tried to bridge but wasn’t able, responded the 23-year-old Tanner. “All credit to her she did really well. It was really exciting to get out there and be up there on the run and be able to contest it.”

With the win Fernandes stays atop of the 2006 BG Triathlon World Cup standings. Franzmann and Canadian Lauren Groves remain in second and third after their results today.

Only Emma Carney has won more world cups in a row with 12 consecutive world cup wins in the ear;y 90’s. Fernandes could equal this record in Beijing in two weeks time.

It was another amazing day of ITU racing here in Hamburg, be sure to log back onto later tonight where will have full race highlights available on Tricast

Date: 10.09.2006 | Source: ITU


Vanessa Fernandes world champion runner-up

The Portuguese athlete Vanessa Fernandes continues to make an impression and today she obtained the second position in the world triathlon championships, that elapsed in Lausanne, in Switzerland. The winner of the competition was the Australian Emma Snowsill.

Vanessa Fernandes, of only 21 years, gradually continues to go up platforms in triathlon and after the good results reached in previous years, the Portuguese athlete obtained the podium with the 2th place.

Date: 04.09.2006 | Source: A Bola


Vanessa Fernandes European champion

Vanessa Fernandes conquered today, in Autun (France), the third consecutive European triathlon title, when earning the elite feminine event of the championships that elapse until tomorrow.

The leader of the classification of the Triatlhon World Cup revalidated the European champion title, when completing the passage traced in Autun in the obliging time of 2:10.00 hours.

With this triumph, Vanessa Fernandes became European champion for the third time in a row, after having conquered the title in the Europe Championships of 2004 and 2005, disputed in Valence (Spain) and Laussane (Switzerland), respectively.

The second place of the podium of the elite feminine event was for the German Anja Ditmmer, while the bronze medal was for Italian Nadia Cortassa.

Date: 24.06.2006 | Source: Record


Vanessa Fernandes wins in Mexico

The Portuguese Vanessa Fernandes won today won Mazatlan triathlon in Mexico, and extended for nine the record of consecutive victories in World Cup triathlon events, in the fourth stage of the international circuit.

Under-23 and Elite European Champion, Vanessa Fernandes now pursues the register of 12 triumphs of the Australian Loretta Harrop who, however, did not win them of consecutive form.

The Benfica athlete, that repeated the 2005 success, spent 2:01,24 hours to make the 1,5 km of swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 race km, beating the German Anja Dittmar per 1,22 minutes and the Canadian Kathy Tremblay for 1,31 minutes.

Vanessa Fernandes left in second place in swimming, segment where habitually it is not so strong, and later it was taken shelter in the phase of the cycling, in which if it formed a group of 12 athletes, for then attacking immediately in the race, having run away and won with great to the will.

Date: 07.05.2006 | Source: Record

Vanessa Fernandes wins in Estoril

Vanessa Fernandes won today the Portuguese stage of the Triathlon European Cup that elapsed in Estoril, while the junior world-wide champion Anaíz Moniz was sixth in a competition that congregated several of the best European specialists.

Under-23 and Elite European Champion, Vanessa Fernandes carried through the test in 2:06.38 hours, beating the English Helen Tucker (runner-up European under-23) per 17 seconds and the Frenchman Jessica Haeyes per 41 seconds.

The young Anaíz Moniz, that fulfills the first time as under-23, got the sixth position, behind checks Frintova Happiness (European duathlon runner-up) and of the Spaniard Mariana Bamlaikurt, respectively fourth and fifth classified.

The event started with 1,5 km of swimming concluded with a group of six athlete in the front, in which Vanessa Fernandes (Benfica) and Anaíz Moniz (Belenenses) were, in a restricted group of four after formed the 40 km of cycling.

In the 10 km run, Vanessa Fernandes imposed its value, while the young Anaiz Moniz did not handled the rhythm and still was exceeded by others two athletes.

The Estoril event enters for the ITU Ranking (International Triathlon Union), that defines the qualification for the Pequim’2008 Olympic Games.

The competition elapsed in the beach of the Tamariz (1,5 km of swimming), followed of 40 km of cycling with eight returns in a tracing between Cascais and the zone of the casino, and in the 10 km of run in four returns to a circuit in the gardens of the casino.

Date: 23.04.2006 | Source: Record


Vanessa first victory with Benfica colors

Equipped to Benfica, Vanessa Fernandes was the main atraction of the inaugural test of Portugal World Cup, that yesterday was disputed in Algarve, concretely in Quarteira. The debut with the nightgown of the eagle could not, of remaining portion, to have been in the best way, since the olympic athlete was successful, without surprises, the event – V Tritalo Carlos Necktie, missing person already this year -, being to the front of another great value of national triathlon Anaís Moniz (Belenenses) and Bárbara Clemente (União Colarense). In masculines, triumph also without surprises Bruno Pais (Belenenses).

“I very liked to run with Benfica colors. Since always that I feel a great affection of the people, but now I think that they still more support me for being to represent a great club “, confessed Vanessa Fernandes, to who the fact of fleshes-color to have the triathlon section now only comes to benefit the modality. “It is very good for national triathlon for having a great club as Benfica to compete.”


Vanessa Fernandes says that the tests of Portugal World Cup serve of trainings for the other most important ones, but makes question to relate that it also participates because it equally likes “to compete in Portugal”. For beyond plus one it proves of the Tirathlon World Cup, in May, in Mexico, the Benfica triathlete still participates, the 23 of this month, in the International Estoril Triathlon.

Date: 03.04.2006 | Source: Record


A victory more for Vanessa Fernandes!

Vanessa Fernandes has just won the 2006 ITU Aqaba Triathlon World Cup in typically emphatic style.

The Portuguese athlete did not started very well, losing some time in the swimming segment where the first athlete to leave the water was the North American Sarah Groff, followed of its compatriot Laura Bennet. During great part of the cycling the two athletes had followed isolated in the leadership. Behind of it a group with 19 elements was organized where it was Vanessa Fernandes. Still before the 30 km, the persecuting group absorbed the fugitives, postponing the decision for the final segment of race. Thus that the young Portuguese changed to the race shoes was placed in the leadership of the race, leaving more than stops backwards the German Joelle Franzmann and Laura Bennet 1’15 ‘ ‘.

This is 6th consecutive victory of Vanessa Fernandes in Triathlon World Cup.

Date: 10.03.2006 | Source: Hugo Sousa


Olympic champion Vanessa is the desire of Benfica

The “super-athlete” yesterday was presented officially in its new club. Tipped for Luis Filipe Vieira and Fernando Tavares, he was to know that the responsibles deposit a great hope in itself: nor more nor less of the one than to be the first olympic champion of the club history.

The Benfica became to represent to the highest level in the press conference of presentation of Vanessa Fernandes. The former-athlete of the Perosinho signed for three years and was folloied by the president, Luis Filipe Vieira, and for the vice-president for the modalities, Fernando Tavares, having this last one said in the possibility of Vanessa to come to be the first olympic champion of the club.

Always modest, the athlete started for confessing the surprise for the invitation of Benfica. “When he appeared the proposal, nor she wanted to believe that Benfica wanted me of truth. I am very contented, because for beyond if dealing with the best Portuguese club, my father [ Venceslau Fernandes ] already ran here “, related.

The fact of the club only have bred a triathlon section for proper itself, also left Vanessa surprised: “It was a great surprise and when i saw that it was reality nor I hesitated. These conditions of work go to help me in view of the Olympic Games in Pequim “.

Can Vanessa promises to be the first olympic champion of Benfica? “Not. This would be for the wagon to the front of the oxen. My goal is to be present in the Olympic Games. Clearly that one will be possible I will fight for the gold medal, but this for already does not pass of a dream “, admitted.

Vanessa Fernandes goes to represent Benfica in the national tests and will dispute an international competition, still for defining. In the tests of the World Cup it will participate to the service of the National Team.

Date: 07.01.2006 | Source: O Jogo


Vanessa and Benfica “enlace it” perfect

“It is the perfect marriage”. It was of this form that Fernando Tavares, vice-president for the modalities of Benfica, evaluates the act of contract of Vanessa Fernandes, yesterday presented officially in Luz and it enlace it ideal reason? “Benfica and Vanessa share the same ideals: the passion for the success and the will to be successful “, clarified the vice-president.

The athlete, signed for a period of three years, considers this “marriage” the concretion of a dream. “When they had approached me nor it wanted to believe. My father Venceslau Fernandes already had represented Benfica, and therefore it is with great pride and will that I am here “, affirmed Vanessa Fernandes, that does not hide its passion: Benfica, clearly is. “I am in the best Portuguese club, and about terms of conditions I think that it can help me to have a good result in the Olympic Games in Pequim in 2008. I know that they have taste where I am here, and alone I have of being thankful to them”, advanced that, for the time being, it is the only element in just created triathlon section.

Advantages: The advantages to start to compete of eagle to the chest pass, of course, for the fact of being able to usufruct of the porting installations of Benfica (swimming pools, gymnasia, among others), one another option to the places where she trains, having in account the fact to inhabit in the Center of High Income. And, obviously, for the fact of the final o of the month to receive plus a financial support, “always welcome”, considers Vanessa Fernandes.

Date: 07.01.2006 | Source: Record


I Dream with the full stadium to congratulate me with “Olympic Gold”

Made use and at the same time shy. It was of this form that Vanessa Fernandes, nº 2 world-wide of triathlon, if presented in the press room of the porting complex of the Stadium of the Luz, in the day of its presentation as athlete of Benfica for next the three years.

To cost to believe. Tipped for Luis Filipe Vieira and Fernando Tavares, Vanessa confessed not to have believed when Benfica made it a proposal with sight to its act of contract: “Nor I believed that a club as this wanted to bet in me. However, I was very contented and proud, because I am of Benfica and because my father already ran here”, it remembered the pretty girl of the national sport.

Fernando Tavares, responsible maximum for the modalities of Benfica, did not leave to emphasize that, beyond the “pride for the club obtaining to guarantee one of the main porting references of the country”, na Olympic Champion Athlete in its pictures will have weighed the fact of “the Benfica never to have possessed person”. “Vanessa has conditions to fight for the gold in triathlon and we deposit hopes in the fact of it to be able to come to make history in Benfica, on behalf of Portugal”, we affirmed.

Dreams and gratefulness. Although not to want to place “the wagon to the front of the oxen”, Vanessa did not leave to formulate a desire: “Dream with Luz to congratulate me with the Olympic Gold”, left to escape. Returning to the reality of the moment, Vanessa thanked the fact to have been bred a triathlon section in Benfica it athlete to only be able to continue to fight for the national and international headings.

The press conference did not finish without Fernando Tavares to relate that “with or without sponsorship. Benfica would have advanced for this act of contract. Although the area of porting marketing of the Benfica mark to be in frank expansion at this moment”. Reason to say that the talent does not have price.

Date: 06.01.2006 | Source: Sport Lisboa e Benfica


Vanessa Fernandes in Benfica thinking in “Olympic Gold”

Current second classified of triathlon 2005 ranking. Vanessa Fernandes was presented, this friday, as Benfica athlete. That created a triathlon section especially for the athlete to be able to compete, having as goal the conquest of Olympic Gold.

“Nor I believed that the Benfica wanted to bet in me. I am very contented and proud, therefore I am adept of the club, of which my father also was athlete”, enhanced Vanessa Fernandes, tipped for president Luís Filipe Vieira and the vice-president for the modalities, Fernando Tavares.

The athlete did not hide that its dream passed. Now, to be “to see the Stadium of Luz to congratulate me with the Olympic Gold”. Something that would be unknown in the history of the club.

Date: 06.01.2006 | Source: A Bola

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