A Brief Introduction of the ASA Softball Rules

Every game played across the globe has some specific set of rules for the smooth and correct conduction of the game. And there is an organization or authorized association that set the rules with the help of experts. The same goes true in the game of softball as well. The Amateur Softball Association or popularly known as ASA determines the ASA softball rules in the United States. These rules cover the following areas of the game – Roles of players, Scoring, Game Play, Getting a Batter Out and Advancing to a base.

ASA Softball rules

In the rest of the passage, we will have a look at ASA softball rules in brief. So, let’s get started.

A Brief of ASA Softball Rules

Roles of the Players

  • Pitcher: The role of the pitcher is to throw a pitches ball to the batter in the windmill motion.
  • Batter: A batter is the offensive player. His/her role is to try to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher.
  • Catcher: There is one catcher from each team. The catcher is positioned just behind the batter and inside the catcher’s box. His role is to catch the pitched ball when missed by the batter.
  • Umpires: Without the umpires, conducting any game is not possible. Here the umpires conduct the game and enforce rules when needed.
  • Fielders: And there are fielders. They are the defensive players. Their role is to catch the ball hit by the batters.
  • Base runners: There are base runners as well. Once the pitched ball is hit by the batter, the base runner starts to run to advance, touch or return to base.


  • Base hit: When the batter hits the ball and advances to a new base without any error or being out.
  • Single: There are different territories in the softball field. When the batter hits a ball into the fair territory and makes it to the first base. And the defense cannot catch it in the air, the batter scores a single.
  • Double: When the batter hits a ball in the fair territory and makes it to the second base without being caught in the air by the defense, then it scores a double.
  • Triple: In the same manner when the batter reaches to the third territory without being caught in the mid air, it scores a triple.
  • Home Run: If the batter reaches to the home base after crossing all the bases without being caught by the defenses, it is a home run.

Game Play

  • Fair Ball: When the batter hits the ball and it falls in the fair territory, it is called fair ball.
  • Foul Ball: The same way like the fair ball, when the ball falls in the foul territory after being hit by the batter, it is called foul ball.

How to get a batter out

The batter will be given out by the umpire if he/she fails to reach at the base before the fielder catches the ball and reach the base.

If the batter swings to hit a legal pitch ball and miss out for three consecutive times, then he/she will be considered “strike out”. If a batter misses three strikes back to back, he will be out.

Now, the runner will be out if a fielder catches the ball and reaches the base before the runner.

Advancing to a base (batter’s advantage)

When a pitch falls outside the strike zone of the batter which means outside the batter’s shoulder and knee zone and if this continues for the four consecutive times, then the batter will get the advantage to move to the next base. This is an important advantage for the batters.   


  • Grand Slam: In case of a home run when there are three fielders present in the base, it will be considered as four runs. This is a grand slam.
  • Stolen base: This is quite tricky. A runner can always try to move from one base to another when a pitcher is pitching the ball to the batter. This is allowed only in fast-pitch softball.
  • Called game: This is an umpire’s call when the game is over, the umpire call the end of the game.

So, these are the basic ASA softball rules. Players need to be aware of all these rules for playing the properly and competitively.

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